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Flooring Projects


Area: Service Centre

Size: 500m2

Product: Full solids epoxy

Colours: VW Colours

Volkswagen contracted Liquid Steel to reinstate their floors at the new service Centre.


Hoppers Motor Group

Area: New Service Centre

Size: 1200m2

Product: Full solids epoxy

Colours: N35 Light Grey

Hoppers Motor Group acquired this old service centre and contractyed Liquid Steel to repair and revamp the floors with a fuel and oil stain resistant coating.

Toyota Altona

Area: New TPC

Size: 4000m2

Product: Full solids epoxy

Colours: Pipeline Grey & Beige

Toyota contracted Liquid Steel to rejuvenate the old assembly plant floors into the new Toyota Parts Centre in Altona

Toyota Altona

Area: Spare parts division

Size: 1200m2

Product: Waterbased Epoxy

Colours: Koala Grey & Sand

Toyota contracted Liquid Steel to repair cracks and dynabolt holes, provide a coating system that was cost effective, easily cleaned and aesthetically pleasing.

Lintt's Bee production

Area: Food prep

Size: 250m2

Product: Full Solids Epoxy, BASF

Colour: Blue Grey

Our client contracted Liquid Steel to repair this damaged concrete and coat it with a product that is durable and resistant to a range of chemicals.


Mitsubishi Berwick

Area: Service department

Size: 500m2

Product: Full Solids Epoxy, Parchem Durafloor HP

Colour: Koala Grey

Mitsubishi contracted Liquid Steel to revamp the floor of their new service department. A floor coating that is resistant to oils & fuels, durable, easily cleaned and aesthetically pleasing were requirements.

Food Prep Warehouse

Area: Food prep rooms, floors & Walls

Size: 2000m2

Product: APCEPO100T

Colour: Pipeline Grey Floors & White Walls

This food prep factory contracted Liquid Steel to coat their walls and floors with a food grade product. One that is impervious to liquids, and can provide great slip resistance.

Dynamic Steel Frame

Area: Factory Workshop

Size: 3000m2

Product: APCEPO100T

Colour: Koala Grey

Dynamic Steel Frame recently moved into this warehouse. A run down warehouse with a badly damaged floor. Liquid Steel were able to repair the floor and install 2 coats of a high strength epoxy to help maintain the concrete, and keep a clean warehouse.

SEW Eurodrive

Area: Manufacturing

Size: 600m2

Product: High Solids Epoxy, BASF Mastertop 1080

Colour: Pipeline Grey

SEW Eurodrive contracted Liquid Steel to remove an old coating, and replace it with a new high solids durable floor.

Old School Chrome

Area: Vehicle Storage

Size: 500m2

Product: Full Solids Epoxy Flake

Colour: Carbon Black Small and Camo Nano flake

Old School Chrome contracted Liquid Steel to provide a clean and beautiful floor for it's clients high end vehicles.


7 Chefs

Area: Food Manufacturing

Size: 500m2

Product: Full Solids Epoxy

Colour: Homebush Yellow

7 Chefs contracted Liquid Steel to provide them with a food grade epoxy floor in their food prep area.


Volkswagen Bayford

Area: Service department

Size: 2000m2

Product: Full Solids Epoxy, Parchem Durafloor HP

Colour: Pipeline Grey & Pewter

Volkswagen contracted Liquid Steel to liven up their floors, bring quality and durability to a poor quality floor.

Bendigo Toyota

Area: Service department

Size: 1100m2

Product: Full Solids Epoxy, Parchem Durafloor HP

Colour: Koala Grey Epoxy & Safety Yellow Line Marking

Bendigo Toyota Contract Liquid Steel to rectify a floor coating attempt 8 months earlier. The coating was peeling and reacting to fuel and oil spillage. Liquid Steel mechanically removed the coating and resinstated the floor with a 3 coat epoxy system.

Turkish Bread Factory

Area: Food Preparation

Size: 1800m2

Product: Full Solids Epoxy, Parchem Durafloor HP

Colour: Pastel Grey

The Turkish Bread Factory was required to provide a safe and environmentally friendly site to meet it's clients requirements. We provided our client with a 100% solids, food grade epoxy floor coating, that is easily cleaned and very durable