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The Top Choice for Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating in Melbourne

When fitting out your factory floor coating, you want to make sure you’re getting it right. Industrial buildings must have the highest possible standard of structural integrity, the best possible materials for the job, and a skilled team installing it so you know it’s done right the first time. At Liquid Steel, we’ve installed countless epoxy floors for factories all over Melbourne. Our team are committed to customer service, and we promise to give you the best possible outcomes, every time.


Plenty of perks with industrial epoxy flooring

An epoxy floor coating is an investment that will keep paying off well into the future. There are a number of benefits of getting one installed. Our industrial flooring is waterproof, which provides protection for your factory in the event of flooding or just everyday water and other liquid contact. They are also effortlessly cleaned, so dust, dirt and grime will never be a problem.


Any spills can be easily and quickly removed, so slips will be much less likely, improving the safety of workers in your factory. An epoxy floor is high-grip, adds a further precautionary OH&S beneficial feature, whereas unsealed concrete can provide a slipping hazard.  


What’s more, our floor finishes look great too! An epoxy floor has an appealing sheen finish and is stain resistant, so will prevent unsightly stains and marks for years to come. You and your employees will appreciate the many amazing features of an epoxy factory floor coating. 

Get in touch with Liquid Steel today

Liquid Steel are here to help you with all your floor coating needs. As well as industrial epoxy floors, we also specialise in metallic and flake flooring. Get in touch with our friendly team for more information on what we can do for you, get a quote and improve your factory floor. Call Nick today on 0434 111 061 or email him on

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