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Metallic Flooring Services for Melbourne Properties

At Liquid Steel, we offer high quality metallic epoxy flooring that is perfect for garages, shops, carparks and more. Perfect to layer over concrete, metallic flooring works wonders on any surface that needs some extra colour.


Metallic floors are great for commercial surfaces, creating a professional and stylish solution that doesn’t fall behind on quality. Unsightly flooring can impact the look and aesthetic of your personal or commercial space. Prevent your space from looking dull or unprofessional, and enquire with Liquid Steel about metallic flooring!


A dedicated, experienced team in flooring

There are countless flooring options available to customers today, ranging from high-end, pricey products to cheaper, low quality pieces. It can be frustrating trying to find the perfect match for your space, but with Liquid Steel, you can feel rest assured knowing you’re in good hands.


We combine exceptional service when installing your flooring, fantastic material and great finished results, all with guaranteed warranties so you’re not stuck with annoying bills and fees from early damage. Don’t settle for anything less, choose Liquid Steel to get your job done well. 


Get in touch with Liquid Steel today

Turn your dull surface into something that shines. Give your floors a stylish finish. With Liquid Steel, you’ll be able to recreate your surface the way you imagine. We believe that a beautiful floor has a massive impact on the appearance of your space, whether that be a carpark, a garage or even a retail store. From impressing customers, to giving your carpark that professional look, metallic and flake flooring will give you that much-needed makeover.

We can also do industrial floors and hospital floors.


If you are interested in recreating your surface and want to take a look at our great range of colours and patterns, get in touch with our team today. You can call Nick today on 0434 111 061 or email him on

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